DivX HEVC Community Decoder

The DivX HEVC Decoder release marks an important step on the path to delivering comprehensive HEVC video support to the DivX Community. Following the release of the DivX HEVC video profiles and our DivX HEVC Muxer, we’re proud to release the HEVC Plugin for DivX Player 9.1.3. Now you can playback the DivX HEVC streams (up to 1080p) with AAC audio you muxed into MKV.

Note that this release is for Windows and Mac, and supports real-time playback up to 1080p on a relatively recent PC. We support the features for the HM-11.0 reference encoder’s random access main configuration, including Asymmetric Motion Partitions, Transform Skip, and Sample Adaptive Offset. We also added seeking capability, as well as improved speed and performance enhancements.

Ready to decode?

We hope you’ll give our decoder a whirl, and then share your feedback. We want to know what you think about the quality and also what it'll take to get you to make the switch to HEVC.

Up next is the DivX HEVC Encoder. Stay tuned…

Muxing DivX HEVC in MKV

Last updated on Tues, 03/04/2014 by Geno James

The folks at MKVToolNix have officially merged the changes submitted by DivX to add HEVC support to MKVToolNix. The latest version of MKVToolNix (v6.8) includes these changes.

No more custom builds and playing with custom binaries, download the official MKVToolNix binaries/installers (v6.8 or later) and mux/demux HEVC video to/from mkv container to your hearts content.

MKVToolNix is a popular set of open source tools used to mux and demux Matroska (mkv) files. The tools used to support AVC, VP8, VC1, and now, with the DivX team's latest contribution -- HEVC!

All set? Now head over to the HEVC Documentation section to learn about Using MKVToolNix to mux your first DivX HEVC video. And while you're at it, don't forget to review the DivX HEVC profiles. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Web Player (1.4 and 1.5)

For those of you using web sites that have not yet updated to the latest implementation of the DivX Plus Web Player by offering content in DivX Plus/MKV, we are providing the following previous installers.

We are getting feedback from some of the most popular DivX video content sites as they roll out the new DivX Plus Web Player, but for anyone experiencing issues during these transitions, we are providing the following previous installer links to help get you by during the upgrade.

Windows (DivX Web Player 1.5)
Users of sites that exclusively offer DivX/AVI content can choose to continue using DivX Web Player 1.5. In the event that you have updated to 2.0 or participated in our beta and wish to return to using 1.5, you may use the following installer:

Mac OS (DivX Web Player 1.4)
PowerPC owners or users of sites that exclusively offer DivX/AVI content can continue to use DivX Web Player 1.4 for Mac. In the event that you updated or participated in our 2.0 beta and wish to restore 1.4, you can use the following installer:

DivX Menu Builder

DivX Menu Builder is a tool that helps you create menus for DivX files.

This tool created is for the DivX community, by UserXP. Thank you UserXP, you made the world of menus a lot easier to deal with.

Download (follow link to software download):