This tool allows you to add up to 8 .srt or .idx/sub subtitles to an avi file and create a new .divx file containing these subtitles. Download! the tool.

DivX Mux GUI

DivX Mux GUI is the perfect tool to correct asynchronous audio and video. You can use this tool to add different audio tracks or subtitle tracks to a video file. Audio tracks may also be of different formats, for example you can add one mp3 and ac3 track. Get the download from Kamiwa.

DivX Plus HD H.264 Encoder (Beta 2)

In response to your feedback after our Beta 1 release we've been working on the DivX Plus HD H.264 command line encoder, and in the first of several updates we are introducing several popularly requested features. These include a target quality mode, support for flagging sample aspect ratio, and support for input via stdin. Read on for more information!

Download the DivXH264Encoder Beta 2 installation package:

DivX MKV Mux Beta 1

DivX MKV Mux is a sample application designed to allow developers to experiment with DivX Plus .mkv advanced features like Smooth FF/RW and World Fonts. This software is provided as-is and is not intended as a substitute for other .mkv writers.

Download the DivX MKV Mux Beta 1 installation package and check out the documentation.