DivX Connected Tools

Here's where you'll find legacy DivX Connected installer downloads.

DivX AAC Encoder (Beta)

DivX Plus adds the capability for high quality surround sound audio to the DivX ecosystem using Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) technology. When combined in an MKV container with H.264 video at up to 1080p, AAC audio completes a truly cinematic viewing experience. To support the creation of AAC tracks for DivX Plus HD content we've created a command line AAC audio encoder. Read on for more information and to access the download!

DivX H.264 Encoder (Beta)

The DivX H.264 Encoder is a sample tool for DivX Plus HD video encoding. It creates DivX Plus HD-compliant H.264 bitstreams that can be used in DivX Plus MKV files or as a compatibility reference.

In response to your feedback after our Beta 1 release we've been working on the DivX Plus HD H.264 command line encoder, and in the first of several updates we are introducing several popularly requested features. These include a target quality mode, support for flagging sample aspect ratio, and support for input via stdin. Read on for more information!

Create DivX Files

Listed here are the tools you need to create DivX® and DivX Plus™ files. You'll also find loads of information and forums where you can share tips and tricks on getting your files to come out just the way you like.

Welcome and happy encoding!