Below, you will find information about tools and features for our DivX Plus™ HD format, which is H.264 video, surround sound AAC audio, in an MKV container, along with metadata and features, some of which are introduced below. Feel free to download and use our reference tools for non-commercial use, and let us know if you have any questions in our DivX community forums.

H.264 Tools

A few years ago, we launched DivX Plus HD, our video profile based on the H.264 standard. The profile is now supported in DivX Converter and DivX Player, DivX Certified devices, and forms the foundation of our DivX Plus Streaming technology.

The list below includes our early beta tools for video encoding, audio encoding, muxing into MKV, and more.

DivX Plus HD H.264 Encoder (Beta 2)

In response to your feedback after our Beta 1 release we've been working on the DivX Plus HD H.264 command line encoder, and in the first of several updates we are introducing several popularly requested features. These include a target quality mode, support for flagging sample aspect ratio, and support for input via stdin. Read on for more information!

Download the DivXH264Encoder Beta 2 installation package:


DivX Plus HD is our video profile based on the H.264 standard. Below you'll find some guides to help you encode to this profile and add features to your DivX MKV video.

DivX MKV Mux Beta 1

DivX MKV Mux is a sample application designed to allow developers to experiment with DivX Plus .mkv advanced features like Smooth FF/RW and World Fonts. This software is provided as-is and is not intended as a substitute for other .mkv writers.

Download the DivX MKV Mux Beta 1 installation package and check out the documentation.