Below, you will find information about tools and features for our DivX Plus™ HD format, which is H.264 video, surround sound AAC audio, in an MKV container, along with metadata and features, some of which are introduced below. Feel free to download and use our reference tools for non-commercial use, and let us know if you have any questions in our DivX community forums.

Encoding with x264

Encoding DivX Plus HD video bitstreams using x264

x264 is a popular H.264 encoder whose source is freely available under GNU General Public License (GPL).1 It can be used to encode video bitstreams for DivX Plus HD MKV files which are later combined (muxed) with other assets such as audio tracks and metadata.

The DivX Plus HD format is designed to bridge the gap between desktop computers and consumer electronics (CE) devices such as DVD players, set-top boxes, connected devices, and portable media players. Wheras desktop systems can play media with a wide variety of characteristics so long as they are powerful enough, playback support and experience on CE devices is constrained by numerous factors: the capabilities of the decoder hardware, network bandwidth, drive read rate, memory I/O performance, renderer capabilities and display properties.

The DivX Plus HD profile establishes capabilities that will be met by all DivX Plus HD certified devices. By configuring an encoder accordingly, you can be assured that your content will play well wherever the DivX Plus logo appears.


Builds Tested

The information in this article was derived using x264 builds up to version 1301, but should also apply to later versions. Read our recommendations below to find important information for particular ranges of builds.  If you have feedback or suggestions please let us know via the DivX Plus HD forum.


Bitstream Properties

Here we describe key arguments that you should pass on the x264 command line to produce a fully DivX Plus HD compliant video bitstream.

DivX 7 Playback Preview

Our third Project Rémoulade release is a preview of the new playback components from the upcoming DivX 7 bundle. Building upon past releases, DivX Player 7.0 Beta 1 now features support for MKV files containing high definition H.264 video and surround sound AAC audio! The preview also includes components that extend support for the MKV container and H.264 video to most Windows media players.

Update: The DivX 7 Playback Preview has been superseded by the release of DivX 7. Click here to read the complete original article.

DivX H.264 Encoder (Beta)

The DivX H.264 Encoder is a sample tool for DivX Plus HD video encoding. It creates DivX Plus HD-compliant H.264 bitstreams that can be used in DivX Plus MKV files or as a compatibility reference.

In response to your feedback after our Beta 1 release we've been working on the DivX Plus HD H.264 command line encoder, and in the first of several updates we are introducing several popularly requested features. These include a target quality mode, support for flagging sample aspect ratio, and support for input via stdin. Read on for more information!

Handbrake presets for DivX Plus HD (MKV/H.264/AAC)

Hey All,

Wanted to let you know that at CES, DivX announced the launch of DivX Plus HD devices from two partners (Philips an Seagate), which means if you're going to use Handbrake, we've come up with some settings for compatibility with the DivX Plus HD certification.

You can now simply download and unzip this DivX Plus HD presets file and import it via Handbrake's presets menu.

Here's what the preset is placing for you in the advanced options:




Basically, you'll want to make an MKV with H.264 (L 4.0) video and AAC audio. SRT subtitles and chapters are also supported, and you actually have more latitude than the string I posted above, but we wanted to put something out there so people buying DivX Plus HD devices can start to use Handbrake. We'll probably add a few more suggested presets as people ask questions, and we're also going to come up with one for people that want to create MKV videos to stream with our DivX Plus Web Player off their web sites.

If you're curious about more details, you can check out the DivX Plus reference tools (H.264 and AAC beta encoders) and the x264 settings for DivX Plus page at our developer portal:http://developer.divx.com/docs/DivX_Plus_HD/

Also, any device with the "DivX Plus HD" logo will also play DivX/AVI files you have in your collection, so all this means is more formats under one brand. More info here if you're interested:http://labs.divx.com/node/15248