Below, you will find information about tools and features for our DivX Plus™ HD format, which is H.264 video, surround sound AAC audio, in an MKV container, along with metadata and features, some of which are introduced below. Feel free to download and use our reference tools for non-commercial use, and let us know if you have any questions in our DivX community forums.

Project Rémoulade

The official DivX H.264 beta project!

Ten years ago, the world of digital video was transformed when a codec named DivX ;-) was unleashed upon the Internet underground by a Frenchman known as Gej. Shortly thereafter, realizing their opportunity to make advanced media technologies available to all, a team of enthusiasts banded together to form DivXNetworks, Inc. and began to develop the DivX codec under the codename Project Mayo (so chosen because, like Gej, mayonnaise is French and, like mayonnaise, creating a good codec requires a great deal of finesse). To build on Gej’s original work, the DivX Advanced Research Center (DARC) team was established, comprising leading specialists from around the globe and in mid 2001 DivX 4.0 was born.

Today, over eight years later, the DivX format provides a platform that allows anyone to create high-quality, high-definition digital video, to mobilize media for on-the-go viewing, to share content with others via the web, to transport the DivX experience to the living room and to play DivX video on thousands of low-cost devices.

Over time we have worked to make DivX technology better, faster, easier and more accessible, while retaining full interoperability with an enormous ecosystem of DivX software, content and devices. But time does not stand still and today new technologies present a fresh opportunity to extend the reach of the DivX experience by bringing new devices, content and services together in an interoperable way as part of the DivX ecosystem and putting powerful new tools into the hands of all who require them.

It is in this spirit that we present Project Rémoulade: A much better Mayo ;-)

DivX Plus Web Player Code Generator

The DivX Plus Web Code Generator allows you to create a small piece of code that can be inserted into your website to display and playback DivX/AVI and DivX Plus HD (MKV/H.264/AAC) videos via the DivX Plus Web Player.

If you can copy and paste, you have enough know-how to stream a DivX video from your site. If you scoff at automatic HTML code generators, then our Web Developer Guide is for you.