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DivX Mobile Player Compatibility

Download DivX Mobile Player at http://labs.divx.com/MobileDownload

DivX Mobile Player will attempt to play any size video at any bitrate on any device. However, the performance will be limited based on the speed of the processor. DMP will drop video frames as needed during playback which means not all devices will achieve 30 fps for all bitrates.

Typically we recommend to encode videos at 24-30 fps, 320x240 resolution, 300 kbps video and 128 kbps stereo audio. Most devices with a 200 Mhz processor (or faster) will play those videos well and it's a reasonable trade off between file size and video quality.

DivX Mobile Player is available for the following:

Windows Mobile 2003 or later

- Windows Mobile 2003

- Windows Mobile 2003SE

- Windows Mobile 5.0 (Smartphone & Pocket PC)

- Windows Mobile 6 (Standard, Classic & Professional)

Symbian OS 7.0 or later

- Symbian S60

- Symbian S60 3rd Edition

- Symbian UIQ

- Symbian UIQ 3.0

All known screen dimensions are supported (176x208 through 480x640)

Currently, DMP is tested in-house on the following phones:

- Audiovox SMT6800

- HTC Cingular 8525

- HTC i607 Cingular Blackjack

- HTC Touch

- HTC QTek 8500

- iMate JasJar

- Nokia 6620

- Nokia N73

- Nokia N80

- Nokia N95

- Motorola Q

- Palm Treo 700w

- Sony Ericsson P910a

- Sony Ericsson W950i

DivX VOD Registration for Samsung Omnia

Some early versions of the Samsung Omnia SGH-i900 were unable to play the DivX VOD Activation file. The player would report, "this player is not authorized to play this video." To correct this problem, Samsung has released a software patch which you can download from http://labs.divx.com/node/7203

Below are some answers to frequent questions.

Do I need the software patch?

Newer Omnia phones do not require the patch. Older phones need the patch if and only if you use the DivX VOD service.

What is DivX VOD?

The Video On Demand service offers videos for sale through various on-line partners. DivX VOD titles will only play on a registered DivX device. For more information, see http://vod.divx.com/

Where can I get VOD titles?

There are several on-line services which have partnered with DivX to offer VOD downloads. For some examples, see http://vod.divx.com/get/

What VOD titles are available for Omnia?

Currently, there are none. VOD movies are typically in DivX Home Theater format and are intended for DivX DVD players. There are currently no VOD titles in DivX Mobile format for the Omnia.

Where can I get DivX Mobile videos?

You can make DivX videos yourself using a DivX certified camera or DivX software like ConverterAuthor orDr. DivX. You do not need to register your phone to play homemade DivX videos. Registration is only required for VOD purchases and currently there are no VOD movies available for the Omnia.

Divx Mobile Player for Nokia 5800 Xpress music touch screen


Can i have divx player for nokia 5800 xpress muxic touch screen phone

which has symbian 9.5


Note from DivXMobile: There is currently no version of DivX Mobile Player available for the Nokia 5800 however some users (Crazyguns) have managed to get partial functionality using the S60 3rd Edition version of DMP.

Submitted by sidingforall1 on Sun, 08/19/2012 - 10:44.

For DivX Mobile Player downloads, please go to http://labs.divx.com/MobileDownload.
You can try v1.01 for Symbian 5th Edition phones. This version has a touch screen interface. Or you can try v0.95 with the virtual keys program described above.

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divx player for nokia x6.
Submitted by Nungsibi on Thu, 05/24/2012 - 10:41.

Is there any divx play for nokia x6. I have try several time after insalting. Can't open.

plz divx player download
Submitted by vankatesh on Mon, 04/08/2013 - 09:42.

plz divx player download