DivX Menu Builder

DivX Menu Builder is a tool that helps you create menus for DivX files.

This tool created is for the DivX community, by UserXP. Thank you UserXP, you made the world of menus a lot easier to deal with.

Download (follow link to software download):


This tool allows you to add up to 8 .srt or .idx/sub subtitles to an avi file and create a new .divx file containing these subtitles. Download! the tool.

DivX Mux GUI

DivX Mux GUI is the perfect tool to correct asynchronous audio and video. You can use this tool to add different audio tracks or subtitle tracks to a video file. Audio tracks may also be of different formats, for example you can add one mp3 and ac3 track. Get the download from Kamiwa.

MPEG-4 Tools

Here's where you'll find legacy DivX MPEG-4 tools for content creation and playback.