Here's where you'll find legacy DivX MPEG-4 documentation for content creation and playback.

DivX Accelerated Beta

Preview of DivX Accelerated Solution: DivX ASP Decoder Filter 6.10 Beta

Get the best possible playback of your DivX movies with DivX Accelerated™ products from AMD. Using this decoder filter and a supported AMD Radeon™ HD 6800 or 6900 series of graphics card, you can enjoy an improved DivX video playback experience:

  • Low CPU usage
  • Extended notebook battery life
  • Superior overall computer operation

In 2011, this technology will also be enabled in DivX Plus Player and DivX Plus Web Player.

Create DivX Files

Listed here are the tools you need to create DivX® and DivX Plus™ files. You'll also find loads of information and forums where you can share tips and tricks on getting your files to come out just the way you like.

Welcome and happy encoding!

DivX® Codec 6.8.2 Released!

DivX Codec 6.8 Logo

DivX Codec 6.8 introduced two major improvements over older versions - multithreaded decoding and support for custom quantization matrices. In addition, DivX Codec 6.8.2 will contain fixes for several issues reported to us since the 6.8 release, including better support for dual monitors and for older DivX files.