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DivXMuxGUI is a Graphical User Interface for the command line orientated DivXMux.exe from the DivX Media Tools.

It muxes (combines) video, audio and subtitle streams into one DivX Media file.

It should be especially useful for those of you, who suffer from the Doctor DivX 2.0 current mux- and synchronicity-bug, as you can at least try to rescue the Doctor's output. If the Doctor refused to mux the streams from the temp folder, you can try to do it manually. If the output is out of sync, DivXMux supports positive and negative values for audio-delay.

Additionally it offers you the possibility to mux your original mpeg audio into the DivX file, without having to convert it to mp3, even if it isn't AC3. Or you could mix AC3 and mp3 tracks.

You could have done all this already with DivXmux.exe. But now you can do it without having to do a lot of typing.

DivX Plus Web Player Code Generator

The DivX Plus Web Code Generator allows you to create a small piece of code that can be inserted into your website to display and playback DivX/AVI and DivX Plus HD (MKV/H.264/AAC) videos via the DivX Plus Web Player.

If you can copy and paste, you have enough know-how to stream a DivX video from your site. If you scoff at automatic HTML code generators, then our Web Developer Guide is for you.

Creating DivX menus with just your web browser!

Instructions? I don't need no stinking instructions, just tell me where to click!

Click here for the DivX Menu Creator WebApp!

One of our engineers, Raider, has been surreptitiously working on a nifty little web applet to help create DivX content with advanced features. In particular, this is a tool that will help you create root menus and chapter menus with motion thumbnails. All it takes is your DivX files and a couple of mouse clicks.

First, the disclaimers: this web application is still alpha, so it may crash on you. But hey, you wanted to be on the cutting edge right?

It has been minimally tested on Windows XP, using Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox. Use other Windows operating systems and browsers at your own risk.

Also, the application will download to your machine a couple files that help it do its thing. Since it’s still alpha, there's no install/uninstall feature, so you'll have to manually remove the following files to remove it off of your machine.
  • From your user temp directory (usually C:\Documents an Settings\user\Local Settings\Temp\divx, remove createDMFJNI.dll, playbackModuleJNI.dll, and defaultBackground.divx
  • From your web browser directory, (C:\Program Files Internet Explorer or C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox), remove the file MSVCRTD.dll