DivX Media Builder Quick Start Guide

This guides was created to give step by step instructions on how to create menus for your DivX files, with DivX Menu Builder. DivX Menu Bilder is a tool created for the DivX community, by UserXP. Thank you UserXP, you made the world of menus a lot easier to deal with.

I. Programs Needed:

Visit: and

Download (follow link to software download):

*After extracting to a directory, will need the following installed:
  • comctl32.ocx : download then register à register directions: Go to the Run item on the Start menu, and type:

    regsvr32 comctl32.ocx

  • In the application folder (DivXMediaBuilder ) place a copy of DivXMux.exe.

*** DivXMux.exe can be found as and application in the DivX Media Format File SDK r2 and must be present for the “muxing” process

II. Basic Menu Creation: