Create Tools with DivX265

Our DivX HEVC encoder is a simple command-line encoder that is designed so that other tools can be built around it.

A recent example of what you can do with the DivX265 (DivX HEVC/H.265) encoder is a GUI posted by david55 on After trying a GUI for x265 he decided to try it out with the DivX encoder for its balance between speed and quality. It’s a simple interface that takes the command-line out of our command-line encoder. Just choose your input and output, adjust your settings and select an encoding mode, all using DivX HEVC encoder.

The DivX265GUI is straight-forward and easy to use; just pick your input file, decide where you want the output file to go and what you’ll call it. Pick resolution, bitrate, FPS and encoding mode (Profile).

Another tool that uses the DivX265 encoder is Hybrid. Available on Windows, Mac and Linux, they’ve been including DivX265 in their tool since late 2013 and have followed with several updates since. (See their changelog for more details.)

In Hybrid, you can select DivX265 from the Video Handling drop-down menu:

For any specific settings, like picking the 4K profile or adjusting bit rate, select the DivX265 tab:

Have you created a tool to use with DivX265 encoder or decoder? Tell us about it!

DivX Converter’s CLI mode is an encoder that can have tools built around it as well. Check out the latest addition here.

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