Handbrake presets for DivX HEVC (MKV/H.265/AAC)

For all you x265/Handbrake users who would like to make DivX HEVC files, we have put together a few handy preset files. DivX HEVC files are guaranteed to be compatible with our DivX Player, DivX Web Player and DivX HEVC certified devices.

To access the Handbrake presets, download and unzip the attached DivX HEVC presets file and import them via Handbrake's presets menu. Keep in mind you will need to make sure you are running the nightly build of Handbrake with the experimental H.265(x265) feature.

Download (Windows):

The most important restriction is the maximum keyframe interval, which should be <= 6 seconds for all profiles. The vbv-maxrate and vbv-bufsize are for making sure that the max-rate and buffer size stays within the target DivX HEVC profile limits, but can be omitted if you plan to use a bit rate much lower than the profile limits.

After importing the DivX HEVC presets file into Handbrake, you should see the presets in the right pane for each profile. The DivX HEVC profile, similar to other DivX profiles, will also support advanced features like multiple subtitle tracks, audio tracks, and chapter points.

-I 6 * frame_rate -vbv-maxrate 40000 -vbv-bufsize 40000

DivX HEVC 1080p:
-I 6 * frame_rate -vbv-maxrate 12000 -vbv-bufsize 12000

DivX HEVC 720p:
-I 6 * frame_rate -vbv-maxrate 6000 -vbv-bufsize 6000

Let us know how these are working out for you or feel free to provide any feedback over at our Community Forums. Enjoy!

DivX HEVC Community Encoder

DivX HEVC Team is excited to announce an updated version of our command line encoder for HEVC!

Download executable (Windows):

Create Tools with DivX265

Our DivX HEVC encoder is a simple command-line encoder that is designed so that other tools can be built around it.

A recent example of what you can do with the DivX265 (DivX HEVC/H.265) encoder is a GUI posted by david55 on VideoHelp.com. After trying a GUI for x265 he decided to try it out with the DivX encoder for its balance between speed and quality. It’s a simple interface that takes the command-line out of our command-line encoder. Just choose your input and output, adjust your settings and select an encoding mode, all using DivX HEVC encoder.

DivX Live Debut

DivX Live is the newest addition to our end-to-end HEVC solution. An exciting new feature still in beta, DivX Web Player (released in DivX v10.2), will support DivX Live streaming of HEVC video over MPEG-DASH right in your browser on Windows or Mac computers. The sections below will explain the new DivX Live streaming feature in greater detail.

What is DivX Live?

It is DivX’s simultaneous adoption of DASH and HEVC. DivX Live is a new feature built upon the adaptive streaming technology initially launched with DivX Plus Streaming. In technical terms, DivX Live implements the Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over Http (DASH for short) protocol for Live streaming. The following profile specifications are currently supported by DivX Web Player.