DivX HEVC Community Encoder

DivX HEVC Team is excited to announce an updated version of our command line encoder for HEVC!

Download executable (Windows):

Instructions: using the DivX HEVC Encoder.


This tool will allow you to encode HEVC streams that are within DivX HEVC profile. After encoding, you can mux video using MKVToolnix patched for HEVC or use the most recent version of MKVToolnix HEVC, and play the resulting container files back on your computer using DivX 10 player (remember to "Enable DivX HEVC Plug-in" during installation).

Some reference HEVC streams can also be found here.

For simpler encoding with less control over the options try our DivX Converter, which supports HEVC encoding with DivX 10.x bundle.

Performance data

Evaluation of DivX265 v 1.3

Release Notes

  • DivX265 version 1.3.74
  • What's new:

      Faster encoding, up to 3 times faster (balanced mode)
      64 bit and 32 bit version
      New options wrt signalling colorspace properties: -709, --colour-primaries, --transfer-characteristics, --matrix-coefficients

    Note that this requires the VC 2013 runtime .
    It is recommended to use the 32 bit version with AviSynth.

    Known issues:

      XP is not supported
  • DivX265 version 1.2.24
  • What's new:

      Improved encoding speed and efficiency
      New options:
      -qp Constant Quantizer, creates potential non-compliant DivX HEVC Profile streams

    Known issues:

      Does not work on XP
  • DivX265 version 1.1.18
  • What's new:

      Improved encoding efficiency
      New options:
      -aqo [1-4] specifies one of the 4 encoding modes: 1 - fastest, 2 - balanced (default) 3 - higher quality (experimental) 4- highest quality (experimental)
      -F turns off scene change detection, results in fixed intervals between keyframes
      --no-wpp turns off Wavefront Parallel Processing
      --start [frame_number] allows encoding from [frame_number] frame

    Known issues:

      -aqo 3 and -aqo 4 sometimes result in a crash when encoding 4K contents.
  • 1.0.341
    • First release

    As always, please visit our forums and tell us what you think.