error when converting .mov files

I have tried to convert a .mov file (1920x1080) to Divx HD 1080p, but receive an error message "convertion error 90".
On the other hand I have converted the same .mov file to Divx HD 720p with success.
Why Divx HD 1080p convertion is not working for my .mov files ??

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Error while Convert movies made on Kodak V1273


Same here...for an unknown reason, the converter produces an error when trying to convert .mov files taken with my Kodak camera. Other videos convert just fine. I also get error "DivX converter does not support the video format in this file".
Can someone help?

Error while Convert movies made on Kodak EasyShare Z1015 IS!

Hi Everyone,

I shot some great movies on 720p format using my Kodak EasyShare Z1015 IS Digital Camera, but when i try to use the DivX Convert 7 - I get error "DivX converter does not support the video format in this file"

Can somebody help me with this?

Any help / advice would be appreciated!


Sumit Chouhan

have to open a folder to watch a burned dvd

I have the convert x to dvd installed and it works fine and I wanted to try the divx ... the problem is now that after I burn a movie I have a folder show up on dvd player and I have to open the folder to watch movie...also after I watch in that player the movie will not play in other dvd players...shows up will not support codec....Please help, I have been working on this about a week...Thanks, Robin

mac or pc?

Are you converting on Mac OS or Windows platform?


I am using Windows platform.