Any update / ETA on x64 support?

I'm dying to get/try this functionality with my XBox, but every PC in my house is 64-bit.

Are there any more updates as to when we might expect x64 support?


64 bit DivX Tech Preview: MKV on Windows 7.

Today we've just posted our third release of the DivX Tech Preview: MKV on Windows 7.

See more about it here:


Good afternoon,

Can someone confirm we will get emailed concerning the x64 release?

Good stuff :)

Would also like to know, abandoned x86 a couple of years ago, this is the first thing to pose any real problem. I managed to get x264 .mkv files on my 360 from Windows 7 RC7232 x64 - but it down sizes them massively and the audio quality is terrible.

Last I heard was 'soon' back at the end of July.

Great work from what I hear though guys, keep it up!