'not supported' divx video file N95

downloaded and installed divx 0.89 on my N95 .but when i download a video from stage6 my N95 proudly displays 'not supported' and also divx dosen't show any avi files even after refresh. Ah! one more thing, when i try to stream a video from stage6, realplayer shows up instead of divx. What's happnnn? Plz help

Re: Support

AVIs are only a container file and DivX mobile does not all the codecs. I don't know exactly what they all are, but there are one or two common codecs with support issues. Your best bet is try the conversion from whatever file you have to a mobile format using the DivX codec.

And like the previous posters, only Real Player supports streaming.

finally! :-)

finally managed to hit. Well, transferred some avi files from PC to mob, divx player did its job by displaying the thunbnails of the files.
Also downloaded some zipped .avi files straight to mobile from other site and after unzipping, divx showed all of them after refresh.
And after all this, i would say divx 'rocks'.although, it would have been very handy if there was a shortcut key to toggle between fullscreen mode and potrait mode.
Haven't been able to test it further on divx.com beta. Looks like there's problem on the site at the moment. I hope it'll rock there too like the pc version.

still 'not supported' N95

videos just not getting downloaded, so there's no question of thunbnail or opening file frm nokia file browser. It just display 'not supported' as it does for other non compatible prog or file. And there is no sample video :-(. I wish it could directly download the files to mobile. That's how it should suppose to go.


DivX Mobile Player does not stream videos. It only plays locally stored videos. You'll have to download the video before you can play it.

DMP should find all .avi and .divx files on your phone when you refresh the file browser. Does the file browser show any videos? There should at least be two sample videos that are installed with DMP.

When do you see the "Not Supported" error message? Are you opening the videos from within DMP or are you trying to open them from the Nokia file browser? Do the "not supported" videos appear with a thumbnail image in the DMP browser?

To watch videos from Stage6, I'd recommend downloading them to your computer first, then use DivX Converter to scale them down to mobile size before you copy them to your phone. Admittedly this is not as straight forward as streaming videos over the air, but we have to start somewhere.