This Isn't working for me...Help?

I did a brand new install of the Windows 7 64 bit OEM.
I installed the version 3 Divx Tech Preview and some MKV play with no sound while others wont play at I missing an extra codec or something?

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My problem's not with Divx

So I downloaded a sample file and it played nice. So I'm guessing I have a makeMKV problem.

Me either

I thought I downloaded all necessary files, but MKV's will simply not play on WMC on the Xbox. I can play the mvk's through WMPC but that's about where it stops. Can anyone link me to a series of steps that I should be taking?

You also need an AC3 Filter

You also need an AC3 Filter for Mkv's with AC3 sound

No Video

WMP wouldn't open my mkv, installed AC3 Filter and it opens now, but only sound - no video. Just shows a musical note.

Any ideas?