Setting up MKV on Windows 7 and Xbox 360 with DivX (Video Tutorial)

The following link should take you to a video that walks you through the steps on how to get DivX Plus HD compatible files (MKV/H.264/AAC) playing on Windows 7, Windows Media Center and the Xbox 360 via Microsoft Media Foundation:

As you already may have found out, running the DivX Tech Preview - MKV on Windows 7 installer is simple, but you'll still need to pair your Xbox 360 with your PC and change a few other settings.

If you've gone through these steps and you're still having issues, please check out our forums and post a new thread if you're not finding answers to your problem.

project update

Thanks for the video. Any update on when the next release of the project will be given that Windows 7 is officially out?

The links are very helpful. I

The links are very helpful. I tried to open it and it really works. I appreciate it very much. - The Balancing Act Lifetime

Video Tutorial Links Are Broken

Hi. All of the links to the video tutorials that you have on the site are broken. Will they be repaired or is there a text version of the tutorials that you can refer users to? Thanks.