File Extensions and Temporary Downloaded Files

I did not find what I was looking for through search, and I have 2 basic questions hopefully are easy.

1. What are all the file extensions DivX recognizes? I downloaded the free version yesterday.

2. I see that it creates a folder in my user video folder, called DivX, and in the folder DivX, there is a folder called "Temporary Downloaded Files". What I want to know is, what goes here and how can I get files to go in there? The reason I'm asking is, I deleted this folder (which had nothing in it at the time) and I am testing to see if it will automatically get RE-CREATED, if I download something that is meant to go in "temporary downloaded files".


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How could you not find this with a search engine ? just look for a windows file extensions list and there you will find all the info you need.

DivX player recognizes many

DivX player recognizes many extensions. Primarily it deals with DivX (.avi, .divx) and DivX Plus (.mkv) files. It can also support several other formats, e.g. .mp4 (if you also have QuickTime installed).

The "Temporary Downloaded Files" folder stores content that is downloaded by DivX Web Player, or the new DivX Plus Web Player. As you use this plug-in to watch videos on the web it will cache video and will also allow you to save fully cached video. Right-click in the Web Player window and check the settings to see how it will behave on your system.

Try our beta DivX Plus Web Player here:

You will need to install the beta version before the DivX Plus MKV file on that page will play.

File extensions

Hi DigitAl,

is it possible to avoid file extension specification in "src" parameter with DivX Plus 2.0? In previous versions it was possible to supply the file through a php script without .divx or .avi extension. now we receive "The downloaded video file is not a DivX file".