Looking for Previous Installers for DivX Web Player?


For those of you using web sites that have not yet updated to the latest implementation of the DivX Plus Web Player by offering content in DivX Plus/MKV, we are providing the following previous installers.

We are getting feedback from some of the most popular DivX video content sites as they roll out the new DivX Plus Web Player, but for anyone experiencing issues during these transitions, we are providing the following previous installer links to help get you by during the upgrade.

Windows (DivX Web Player 1.5)
Users of sites that exclusively offer DivX/AVI content can choose to continue using DivX Web Player 1.5. In the event that you have updated to 2.0 or participated in our beta and wish to return to using 1.5, you may use the following installer:

Mac OS (DivX Web Player 1.4)
PowerPC owners or users of sites that exclusively offer DivX/AVI content can continue to use DivX Web Player 1.4 for Mac. In the event that you updated or participated in our 2.0 beta and wish to restore 1.4, you can use the following installer:

If you are still have trouble, please read through our DivX Plus Web Player forums, and if you're still not finding any answers, feel free to post and someone will try to help you.

Do a search for how many

Do a search for how many people, on the internet have problems with WMODE and DIVX, there are no answers, only questions? http://www.roehamptonclub.co.uk/sports/squash


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thanks for the old version, but no sound.

thanks a lot now i can watch videos again, but one little problem ,the sound is off like mute , i dont hear the sound jut video, anything i can do to fix that please?

Does this happen on all

Does this happen on all videos or just a few. Some videos need AC3 filter for sound. If this is the case Google AC3 filter and go to their website and download the filter. Choose AC3 filter lite which is all you really need.

I find version 1.62 works better for me since I have had issues with some of the more recent versions.

I had problems with video

I had problems with video playback after updating Divx software.Now I've installed old version (DivX Web Player 1.5) and everything is fine.But is it possible to disable update warning window which appears on each new page?

Disable Update

Right click on a Divx video screen and choose Properties, go to update and set it at 30 days. This is a temporary fix. I use WinPatrol, a fantastic monitoring program, which allowed me to kill the Divx update and I then removed it. You may also find Divx update in Task Manager and you can kill the process there also.

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really helpful

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Here is something that may help with issues for HiQ Web Player

There isn't anything wrong with the Web browsers, it is in the new beta web player.

Issue is something in the new Divx HiQ Web Player starting with beta 2 and in beta 3.

I have had the same problems as you as well, and stumbled on this, I made a batch file to clean the cache in the web player, and now the beta works fine, I also just found in this site someone else has done the same thing and posted in here, I wish I known this at the time I wrote my batch, it would have saved me some time. I will put the url to the thread in here to help you get your web browsers web players working good again.

Here is the url:


I hope this helps all.

the working links are at the bottom of the thread, I hope this helps all with issues with the new HiQ beta 2 and beta 3, also down there is help for mac users too.

Its not possible

i think a browser cant work on the two plugins side by side..for further clarifications come to http://www.hairrestoreadvanced.com.au

Old DivX Web Player 2.1 Beta 1?

Hi porfitron,

I am having trouble with the new DivX Web Player Beta's 2 and 3. However the original beta (presuming it was Beta 1) worked quite well for me and was wondering if you, or anyone else had the installer for that particular version.

The error I get with Beta's 2 and 3 are "the 0% buffering" error. I have seen that a number of other users have this issue as well.

My setup for debugging purposes:
Windows 7 Home Premium
Google Chrome Web Browser


I have same problem buffering stuck at %0

Windows 7 Home Premium
Google Chrome Web Browser

Please , the latest stable plus Version for XP User´s

My english is not perfekt, i hope you understand what i mean ;-)

I search the latest Plus version, not Beta and not 1.5

The Beta hangs over WindowsXP SP3 inkl. all updates.
It hangs on all websites try play a Dix web player film... inkl. on the divx website after install.

Firefox or Internetexplore all the same .
And it can´t uninstall, uninstaller crash.

Luck for me : I set a Sytem restore point everey time befor i install a new Software , that´s the safety way to install/uninstall a new software.

I think ist a problem with HTML 5 ??????
HIQ is maybe working ?!
Or only a little mistake in the BETA ?!

Please give the XP user the last Divx Plus without Web Player BETA !


Oh moment: when i install only the Codec without the Web Player is all ok , and uninstall also ok.
The error must be in Web Player Beta.

Don't let anyone fool you

This is not a problem with any website...it is 100% DIVX. Their own website will not work with this crap of an update.
Here is a good hint: leave shit alone when it works or at least test the shit out

Newer Previous Installers?

Could you please add links for the last stable release version, the one before HiQ, or the HiQ Beta 1 version? Unfortunately, I'm still getting zero buffer on HiQ Beta 2 and Beta 3. They both worked great until I restarted my computer. Now I'm stuck with this zero buffer bug, and I can't figure out how to fix it, seems like I've tried everything too. Reverting back to the older versions works, but I'd like a newer older version than 1.5.

Please make sure the zero buffer bug is fixed for the next version! Thanks so much!

thanks a lot.i thought

thanks a lot.i thought getting the older versions is impossible.glad its there

Mac users, don't upgrade to 7.2! (DivX Plus Web Player bug)

I'm running OSX 10.4.11, with Firefox 3.6.3...I upgraded to the latest DivX Plus Web Player and it caused issues galore, freezing up Firefox, not to mention the actual performance was completely buggy. I'm assuming some Leopard/Snow Leopard users are having similar issues. I reverted to DivX Web Player 1.4, which still occasionally hangs Firefox, but not often.

DivX then notified me to update to DivX 7.2, which caused a major issue. It installs DivX Plus Web Player into your browser over DivX Web Player 1.4...and when you attempt to revert to version 1.4, it won't let you install it. So you then need to revert to DivX 7.0 in order to revert to 1.4.

I'm sure other people are having this issue, just want to make it well known and that DivX should fix the performance of the DivX Plus Web Player and fix the issue with 7.2 not allowing users to revert to 1.4.

I'm double posting this in this thread, and also as a comment on its own, so that people are able to catch it.

Response here...

Please check out my response here:

Also, stay in touch with our DivX Support:

Thanks guys, our users on

Thanks guys, our users on our site were having issues with 2.x for some reason, we all really appreciate this :D

Glad I found this

I an thrilled that you are allowing access to the old Web Player version 1.5.
This will really help me with testing the new final release of the Divx Web Player.

I have a question.

Is there a way that I can have in Windows Vista Ultimate, both the new Divx Player and the 1.5 Divx Player installed at the same time

Would I have to uninstall version 2.x final release, before installing the old 1.5x ?

Please let me know.


Jon Temple

PLEASE stay with web standards - Use Firefox 3.5x.

I don't believe it is

I don't believe it is possible to have two different versions of DivX Web Player all at once in the same environment - why? Because it is not possible to have a browser uses both plug-ins at the same time.

Your Wrong Wrong Wrong

i've installed two different version of the plugin. Why? Because one of them WORKS in IE, and the other works in FF. If I don't run two different versions this way, then I have complications in one if not the other browser. With Firefox, WMODE does not work... Divx people evidently fail to answer the obvious after MULTIPLE people have asked the same f*cking question. WHY? I guess customers are only important when you begin a company...Once it tops and you can pay your bills, they arent important anymore.

Do a search for how many people on the internet have problems with WMODE and DIVX... there are no answers, only questions. What a great product with shitty customer service. (Sounds like every other company that has failed miserably from lack of "ATTENTION TO DETAIL".

But, yeah, It's needed that way til someone brighter than the original staff fixes the problem. I love the product, love the quality, just unhappy with response time to customer questions.

That is hard to believe

Wish I can see this. I am trying to think how is that possible. Would be nice if Digital56K or porfition can confirm that this is possible so I can lay that to rest.

Uninstalling on Mac OS

To completely uninstall DWP 2.0 on Mac
1) Delete /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/DivXBrowserPlugin.plugin
2) Delete /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/npdivx.xpt
3) Delete Movies/DivX Movies/Temporary Downloaded Files under your home folder
4) Delete Preferences/ByHost com.divx.DivXBrowserPlugin..plist from under your home folder

After following these steps, you should be able to install version 1.4 from the link above with no problems.