Really Disappointed

So I downloaded this application about three days ago. I have about a 3 gig .avi file I am trying to convert to the .divx 1080p mode using the divx converter. Well I've tried three times, and all three times it fails. It gets to either 99% or 100% and then errors out. However if I look in the tmp folder, I can see the tmp .divx file and it actually plays just fine. Once it errors out, it spits out the final product on my desktop. If you try to play, it won't play. If you view the properties of the file, it says 0 bytes, like nothing is there.

However I was able to take the same file and convert it to a .mkv file, but it will not work when trying 720p or 1080p. I've removed the application, re-installed, and etc. I even tried it on another system with the same files to get the same result. I even downloaded a utility to repair the .avi file in case it was bad, came back as all sectors were good. The original .avi file plays just fine as well.

Finally I am using Windows 7 to convert the files. Am I doing something wrong? I am pretty good with computers and can usually figure it out, but this is just terrible. I've been very disappointed with this application. Also is there an alternative I can use in place of divx converter? I am sure there is, just haven't looked yet. Would love to have some feedback on this, thanks.

Thanks for the heads up on

Thanks for the heads up on Dr. Divx, I will give it a shot. I have a desktop that is running Windows 7, which I can try on there, and then a work laptop that does have XP installed as well. So if it fails on Windows 7, I do have the laptop with XP to run it on. Thanks again.

Dr. DivX 2.0 OSS

Dr. DivX does its job fine on XP. But it does not seem to want to install on Vista and probably not on Win7 either. With Dr. DivX you can create your own templates for batch encoding. I like Dr. DivX 2 so much I am stuck with it. No other DivX encoder does its job better at encoding DivX format.

I have not tried Dr. DivX 1.0 but that's because no other DivX encoder can match Dr. DivX 2 functionality, I guess.

Also, any file that would fail to encode or fail to play on certain/some players, Dr. DivX can come to rescue. It can decode even the most flawed and badly encoded videos. Give it a try if you can install it on Win7. Perhaps you might have to run it in XP mode.