DivX player for Windows mobile 6.5 on HTC HD2 ?


How do you make DivX player 0.92 or 0.93 work on HTC HD2 with Windows mobile 6.5 ?

At the installation stage, after copying the unzipped DivXplayer_PPC file in the phone, the phone says: "Unable to open the archive. The archive may be corrupted, invalid or in an unsupported format."

Your help would be really appreciated.

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dvix player latest version

plz help me i can't see the movie in htc 2 so plz tell me were i can download latest version of dvix player

Re: Latest version

The latest version of DMP for Windows Mobile is v0.94. It is on the mobile downloads page, http://labs.divx.com/MobileDownload.

Do you mean the Windows Mobile HTC HD2? If so, use the "Windows Mobile 6 Professional" link.

Do you mean the Android HTC 2? Currently we do not have a DivX Mobile Player for Android. You can look for DivX-certified Android devices.

Nedd Help For My HTC HD2 DIVx Player

Dear Friend,
I recnetly Buy HTC`s HD2 Mobile And My All Training Videos IN AVI Format. So Its Cant open in windows media player so i want to download DIVx Player For Traing VIDEOs. So Pelase help Me ..

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Divx mobile player download

I have great difficulty downloading the Divx mobile player for WM6.5 Prof.Every time I try it downloads to 99% and then stops - I tried downloading from several different pc's. Can anyone help?


I have downloaded "TCPMP v0.72RC1 but it gives an error od "TCPMP v0.72RC1 is not a valid pocket PC application. Where can I download a player for HTC HD2? Please help

Sadly, the DivX mobile

Sadly, the DivX mobile player is painfully slow on the HD2 despite the beast of a 1ghz processor that device has.
I would recommend looking for the free "TCPMP v0.72RC1" player until the DivX guys release a more powerful version. TCPMP also reads AC3 audio, by the way.

I also have DivX player for

I also have DivX player for mobile on my HTC HD2. I recognize the extremely small buttons. I can only just manage.

My problem is that I try to convert vob and mpeg files to .avi files. I experience two problems with the conversion.

1. With the official DivX converter I get a warning every time that I need an ac3 filter. Anyone know how to do this, so that it is recongnized with the converter?

2. When using other conversion programs I cannot get a .vob or mpeg file to:
a. synchronize audio and video
b. get the files size down < 1 Gb for mobile viewing.

Can anyone help me to get the right conversion format specs for viewing on a HTC HD2 (video coding, audio coding, frame rate, frame size, quality for best viewing settings etc.)?


DivX does not provide an AC3 Filter so if you are converting VOB files with AC3 audio then you'll need to install your own AC3 Filter. There are free AC3 Filters available for Windows. Try your favorite search engine for a Free AC3 Filter.

I have installed this on my

I have installed this on my HD2 and it works fine.

My only bugbear with it is the control panel is too small for a touch screen and it is very fiddly to alter settings. Seams to be more for use with a stylus.

This may be just me and my fat fingers, but when in full screen mode and you tap the screen it alters to 'portrait' mode but wont return to full screen if you tap it again.


Are you trying to open the ".zip" file on your phone or the ".cab" file?

Copy the DivXplayer_PPC.CAB file to your phone and then use File Explorer to open it which should start the installation process.

BTW, DMP version 0.93 will be available tomorrow.


I am trying desperately to download divx to my htc hd2 device and am having no luck either. Please can you help by telling where and what to download to ensure i can use this great format on my new mobile device.

Many thanks

I have tried to find WMP 0.93 but havent had any luck? Sorry thicko here!


DivX Mobile Player 0.93 is available here:

test on my xda atom 6.5

divx player work fine in my xda atom, clear sound n loud. But no much features.