Cannot change language @ reinstall


1. the german interface language is faulty /weird
2. no language changing option for the whole package
3. reinstalling and attempting to install with a different language does not work since the program will remember your initial chosen insall language and won't prompt at the next intsall.

Change language in registry

If you're on a windows system, you can change language by setting all "Locale"-values under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DivX to the abbreviation of your favourite language (for example: en for english).
Don't yet know if this workaround will "survive" the next update.
Hope this helps.

Regards, Börni

Change Language

DivX Plus loaded French by mistake... don't you just love the wheel on a mouse. Re install after a deletion and reg clean out still installs French.... have posted to Support but the DivX support page would not accept my log in details.... have posted to @DivXlabs, lets see if their Twitter account is monitored... I am betting not.... Anybody with a fix would be appreciated. Nick

Language solution

Old thread but I found a solution:

You'll need to delete the registry folders for DivX from the machine (be sure to get both the local and user level folders).

To do this go to start > type 'regedit' in the run box > delete the software/divx folders from the registry of the local machine and relevant user accounts.

Once this is done run the installer file again (you do not need to uninstall first) and it will offer you the option to select an install language again. Select the correct language and complete the install as normal.

Reboot and you should find the problem corrected



Thank you for reposting that information, it worked like a charm! I was getting mad at this and was ready to uninstall and find a different codec pack.


Thanks for that ...worked nicely and language selection popped up again.Would have been nice if Divx Labs responded....Nick