DivX Plus MKV Extensions

DivX is releasing documentation and a sample application that introduces our newest .mkv extensions: Smooth FF/RW and World Fonts. Further information on the extensions can be found in the following articles, which include high-level demonstrations, concept overviews, step-by-step guides, and technical specifications.

DivX Plus MKV extension: World Fonts
DivX Plus offers an extension to the MKV container called World Fonts, which authors TrueType fonts into an .mkv file so all players can reliably load them and display subtitles for every language. Our special optimization technique is used to significantly reduce the size of the font data, so fonts can be loaded not only by desktop players, but also by DivX Plus Web Player and hardware devices with limited memory.

DivX Plus MKV extension: Smooth Fast-Forward & Rewind
DivX Plus offers an extension to the MKV container called Smooth FF/RW, which helps solve the jerky fast-forward and rewind problem you can experience when seeking in a video file. This is done by including a special navigation track in your MKV file during authoring, and this extension is supported by all DivX Plus devices and gives you the option to trade a small filesize overhead for a much better navigation experience.