DivX wont play movies.

So I'm trying to watch a movie but every time I click "play" the movie only plays for 2 seconds then stops and I get some advertisement telling me about DivX HD or something. You got some pretty crappy movie playing software if it won't play movies. Any fixes?

This usually will only happen

This usually will only happen when the video file in question is truncated or corrupted. Does this happen with all video files or just one particular one? Where did you get the video file from, the Internet, create it or rip it from DVD? Can you play the file in another player such as windows media player?

Run the original file thru a program called mediainfo from the link below and post the results.


To turn off ads in the DivX player simply open the player and click Tool—>Preferences and select the disable ads in the player options. Click apply and then ok and you will no longer have ads in the player.