"'tagName' is empty or not an object" issue


All customers of our website, who have DivX Web Player installed, have JavaScript error: "'tagName' is empty or not an object".

Yesterday we finally found the reason and it is DivX JavaScript issue (I tested with DivX Plus Web Player 2.1 Beta 3 but probably it's also other version case).

So, in your ReplaceVideoElements() you overwrite functions appendChild, replaceChild and insertBefore where you use: element.tagName.toLowerCase().

This is unacceptable, because element not always has tagName (exampne is nodeType=11 - DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT_NODE).

What you should do, is add simple IF checking, if tagName is defined.

Since you overwrite JavaScript core functionalities, you must be aware, that it has a huge impact not only to your customers, but all other websites using appendChild, replaceChild and insertBefore in JavaScript - including our B2C engine.

It took us very long time to debug the reason, and I have to say that during this time we lost many customers. In short words - your fault cause us financial loss.


Fixed in the next release

I'm sorry that you guys are running into issues with DivX HiQ due to this bug. This issue has already been fixed for the next release we will make. We really appreciate the feedback which helped us fix this issue.

Still experiencing the problem.

I am currently still experiencing this problem with the latest version of DivX using the latest version of IE 9.0.8112.16421 and JQuery 1.4.2. Disabling the DivX plugins in IE fixed the issue.

Thanks a lot for your quick

Thanks a lot for your quick reply and for this bugfix !

I transmit this information to my clients.

Same bug on a ecommerce website

I agree with Loop1234.

I'm web developper in a marketing/communication agency. Many of our websites (including a big ecommerce one) using jQuery plugin meet this bug.

Our client call us and we must ask them to desinstall divX or desactivate this Internet Explorer Add-on. It's a pity...

We can't do anything and can't change our technologies because divX introduce a bug for the 1% of web users using IE abd these release of DivX Web Player.

Then please, fix this bug for the next release or stop including "HiQ+ Web player beta" in divX release.

As say Loop1234, be aware, you overwrite JavaScript core functionalities and introduce a bug which is responsible of financial loss.

Deinstall DivX Web Player -

Deinstall DivX Web Player - or deactivate the plugin. At least in IE9 there is such an option under "Add-Ons".

same issue

divx interferes with my java script and now will not let me save epost mail.
how do i fix it?