Error Code 24

I can't seem to find a correct solution to this problem in any forum I have read. I have the Plus Converter. I record webcam video with a program called Camtashia Studio in a .avi output format at 30fps. Trouble is when I drop & drag the .avi into the converter I get a Error Code 24 stating that its not a correct format however it will convert a .wmv file with no problem for me. Quite frankly I am tired of downloading all these things that claim to work but they don't. Please I only want a true solution to this problem! Is there anyone who knows a definite answer to this situation? THANK YOU!

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Error 24 means that the file

Error 24 means that the file type is not supported. You can check the specific codecs and formats used in your file through a tool like MediaInfo:

Make sure all the codecs used in the file are on the list of approved formats for the Converter:


I have the same problem with movies captured with fraps just cant drag them on divx window. Need HELP!



Error 24 means that the file type is not supported. The table at the bottom of this web page does not include Fraps as a supported format:

It looks like your Fraps video will not be accepted by the Converter.