Divx HiQ Web player

I purchased the Plus version and acording to the Divx website, I should see the bar at the botton and the gear simbol to make it the default player. I do not get that at all. uninstalled it, reinstalled it, rebooted the computer, same issue. Just to see if it was something wrong with my PC, I installed Divx Plus in my laptop with same results. I am getting frustrated and disapointed about the product. I tried everything on on the FAQ's but nothing. It's not that I'm ignorant about computers, 2 degrees in Computer Information Systems kind of makes me knowleageble about what I am doing to fix the issue. I am at the point to unistall it, delete it and request a refund of what I paid for the software.
Anyone from support monitoring these Forums and be kind enough to help with the issue?