Playing MKV file with DirectShow filter installed


I'm having an issue playing and mkv file using the player with DirectShow/AC3 filter installed,Its a Win7 SP1 64-bit OS.

when i try to play it I get the error below

Unsupported error

this video is in an unsupported format and can not be played without installing additional directshow filters.

I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the Divx player and the ac3 filter and re-installing them but now luck, The player is set to run as administrator and i've tried to run it in compatability mode(XP SP2/SP3 and Win7) but now luck

Please help, its driving me nutz

Directshow filters

Hi, I am having exactly the same problem as you with the same system, and currently have to play everything throughout VLC instead. Please can ypu let me know if you ever manage to fix this? Thanks