No Audio and M2TS files aren't working

I removed Haali, rebooted, added Divx MKV and rebooted
When I go to play an M2TS file it now freezes after 5 seconds.

I also have no audio on my MKV files (using SPDIF out on my Dell XPS410)


Great work on the MediaFoundation MKV splitter guys.

I was previously using MediaPlayerClassic Home Theatre's standalone codec to get DXVA stuff playing on Windows 7. It was a bit of a hack on 7077 - what with them locking down the directshow stuff in the registry.


The venerable AC3Filter has an ACM filter as well as a DirectShow filter.

After a clean install of the Win 7 RC build, I installed the DivX MKV Preview - tried an MKV.. No sound..

Then I installed AC3Filter, unchecked the "DirectShow Filter" at the installation prompt - tried and MKV again.. Annnnd... Sounds! And Pictures! :)

AC3Filter ACM doesn't work

We have reports that the ACM decoder supplied by AC3filter is broken, even for use outside of our Media Foundation ACM wrapper. It seems that they only really maintain their DirectShow filter.

This is what most users are recommending.


At first it seems that the no sound issue was gone when I installed ac3filter as described by mr_greedy. After a few minutes, sound was still there, but video paused, played faster or even stopped.

Not a solution for me!


Any chance someone can give us some guidance on what we need to do to get AC3 working on the PC. Do you have a recommended ACM codec that will work to allow for AC3

See this?

Did you try this?

Let us know on that thread if the one recommended by Luther works for you.


We don't yet know why m2ts playback may be affected, we will look into this and let you know what we find. Regarding audio, see my reply to preyingrazor.

same story here

Get macro blocking in most files. Some mkv's don't seek. None play any audio. Using Windows 7100 RC.

Noteworthy is the fact that Media Player Classic accelerates all videos without a problem. And it has both 32 and 64 bit versions. Used this method:

Having said that, this effort is commendable. If WMP can properly accelerate mkv 264 content, there's no need to use third-party apps.

As requested, screnshots from CPU-Z, dxdiag:

CPU-Z CPU PageCPU-Z Mainboard PageCPU-Z Memory Page
DxDiag Graphics Adaptor Page

No crashes so far. But some mkv's refuse to play.


Regarding macroblocking, this thread describes problems with particular versions of ATI's drivers and your video card. The video decoding is actually done by the Microsoft H.264 Decoder (which may pass it to your hardware) after it leaves our MKV source filter.

For MKV files that either don't work or don't have audio drop them into MediaInfo and check that that they use H.264 video and AAC audio. We provided an AAC decoder for Media Foundation as part of the tech preview package, but if your MKV files use another format you may need to find a compatible decoder.


Also I am not using ATI...

Also I am not using ATI... Nvidia 8600GT. The macroblocking is only on the extender. The host PC is fine.

So you don't support AC3

So you don't support AC3 (dolby Digital audio)?

The tech preview itself does

The tech preview itself does not provide a media foundation decoder for that. There is an ACM wrapper for media foundation that will support other formats so long as you have the appropriate ACM decoder for them.

elaborate please

Any chance you could elaborate a bit on where to obtain this wrapper and possibly where to download a compatible codec.

Try This...

Seems to have not made a

Seems to have not made a difference. I still get picture perfectly but no sound.

I am on a 64 bit system but I am using media player 32 bit to play these files.

Do you have a recomendation

Do you have a recomendation for a DTS/AC3 ACM decoder?

I guess I am having better

I guess I am having better luck...

For the devlopers... I think the filter is not expposing the audio at all.

Going through same process

Going through same process here, lack of spdif audio pita


If I had haali back it handles the PC splitting and Divx runs the extender splitting but there is some kind of transcoding going on as I get macroblocking when I don't on the host PC.

Its not a lot of transcoding (ie high file quality) but its still there.

Re: Update

If you are streaming to UPNP devices transcoding is likely to take place. Which device are you streaming to?

I am streaming to the Xbox

I am streaming to the Xbox 360 from the Media Center.

Codec pack???

Should we be removing any codec packs installed? I have shark 007 installed.

If this works as advertised

If this works as advertised there should be no need for anything else.