DivX Plus Web Player

This is the place to provide us with feedback on our DivX Plus Web Player, which adds support for DivX Plus (H.264, MKV, AAC)

Audio Is Still Glitching

Why is the audio repeating on a half second loop as some sort of glitch on the videos. Sometimes it does this, sometimes not. This issue really needs to be ironed out already, it's one of the two biggest problems along with buffering.

How is it, that in the web player, the audio can glitch like this even after the video has buffered 100% even under the conditions of the CPU not taking any real hit at all. I mean, my cpu usage levels are low, the video is buffered, and it's still randomly having glitch audio? That stumps me! Fix it soon, please!

Ogg Vorbis audio support removed, but why?

Why was Ogg Vorbis audio supported in the original DivX Plus Web Player, just to have that feature removed in subsequent versions? Do you guys just hate open source audio all the sudden? Seems like a step in the wrong direction! Removing good features, that is a bad idea! Please fix this by adding back support for Ogg audio in the next version, could you? Thanks a lot!

New HTTP 404 error for beta just replaces old error!

Well, it seems that I'm no longer getting that pesky error telling me "the file you are trying to play has failed to finish downloading and can no longer play", the one everybody's complained about. Instead, the videos that used to give that error now just give a new error that says the video cannot be found, and may have been removed from the server. HTTP 404...

I know the videos are on the server, and they worked on the original DivX Plus Web Player 2.0, just not after any new updates were released. The same thing happened with Ogg Vorbis audio tracks, and that change really stumps me. Also, since the first 2.0, my MKV videos with DTS and just heavy bit-rates don't seem to buffer as good as they used to. Oh no, good God!

Standalone Installer?

Hey is there a standalone installer for the web player available?
I just can find the online installer package.i can just select web player but it installs some other things + divx update task and so on which i dont want.