Using DivX HEVC Community Encoder

The DivX HEVC encoder is a command line tool that is capable of creating HEVC bitstreams. Download the binaries here.


DivX H.265/HEVC Encoder

Usage: DivX265 -i <infile> -o <outfile> -br <bitrate> -s <w>x<h> (for raw infile)

or: DivX265 -i <infile> -o <outfile> -br <bitrate> (for .avs|.avi infile)

or: DivX265 -h (for help)

Example Usage

from a raw file (yuv/raw, assumes IYUV/I420 colorspace):

  • DivX265.exe -i content_in.yuv -o content_out.hevc -br 3000 -s 1280x720

Piping from stdin through another command line tool:

  • ffmpeg.exe -i content_in.avi -s 1280x720 -f rawvideo -pix_fmt yuv420p - | DivX265.exe -s 1280x720 -br 4000 -i - -o content.hevc

from an AVS file (make sure AVISynth is installed):

  • DivX265.exe -i content_in.avs - o content_out.hevc -br 3000

from an AVI file:

  • DivX265.exe -i content_in.avi - o content_out.hevc -br 3000


Flag Description
-h, --help Help
-v, --verbose Verbose mode, detailed messages output.
-q, --quiet Quiet mode, no messages output.
-i, --input <Input file> Required.

DivX265 HEVC Command Line Encoder evaluation

This post details the results of our comparison of the latest version of DivX265 encoder v 1.3, our HEVC command line encoder with HM (HEVC reference encoder), x265 v 1.1 and x264. HEVC test stream Kimono1 has been encoded using QP values {22,27,32,37}. The DivX HEVC profile limits the keyframe interval. For this evaluation we have set the keyframe interval to 5 seconds for each encoding. For DivX265 and x265 configurations have been used that result in approx similar quality (BD, Global PSNR). For x264 preset medium has been used.

Encoding efficiency

The encoding efficiency can be derived from the rate-distortion plot. HM achieves the highest encoding efficiency, followed by DivX265 (balanced) thereafter x265 (veryfast), and finally x264 (medium). The BD (Bjøntegaard Delta) rate has been calculated between DivX265 and x265 and is approx 5%.

Encoding speed

The next plot shows the relative speed of each encoder: DivX265 is faster (~1.4x) than x265 at this preset.

In summary, DivX265 can encode this sequence faster than x265 while achieving similar quality. The encoding speed is approx 16 fps for balanced and real-time for the faster modes.

Encoding settings
Encoder version configuration parameters HM11 -c ra_main.cfg --IntraPeriod=120 --QP <qp> --FramesToBeEncoded=<frames> ... DivX2651.3.0.24 64b -qp <qp> -I 5 -fps 24 -n <frames> -aqo 3 ... [tr]

DivX HEVC Community Encoder

DivX HEVC Team is excited to announce an updated version of our command line encoder for HEVC!

Download executable (Windows):

Create Tools with DivX265

Our DivX HEVC encoder is a simple command-line encoder that is designed so that other tools can be built around it.

A recent example of what you can do with the DivX265 (DivX HEVC/H.265) encoder is a GUI posted by david55 on VideoHelp.com. After trying a GUI for x265 he decided to try it out with the DivX encoder for its balance between speed and quality. It’s a simple interface that takes the command-line out of our command-line encoder. Just choose your input and output, adjust your settings and select an encoding mode, all using DivX HEVC encoder.